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What is Drive Chat?


automotive live chat


in Australia and New Zealand

Drive Chat offers a fully managed 24/7 live chat monitoring service to automotive dealerships.
Drive Chat makes it easy for car dealerships to capture leads online. Our easy-to-use live chat tool works with any dealership website, allowing you to chat with website visitors in real-time. We also provide customer service experts to respond to customer enquiries for you, so you can continue to capture leads online 24/7.

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Plans & Pricing

Flexible plans to suit your unique needs

Self Managed

You’re in the driver’s seat

With the self-managed live chat plan your team can engage and respond to website visitors in real time. Our basic plan includes two logins for your team, but if you need more you can add as many logins as you need.

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Co - Managed

Your team online during the day

Your team manages the live chat during business hours, and our team take over after hours and on weekends. The combination of your team and our team ensures your account remains online 24/7.

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Fully Managed

We’ll respond for you 24/7

Our most popular option. Let our experienced team manage your live chat
account and send leads direct to your dealership 24/7. Our agents have extensive experience in automotive lead capture and online customer service.

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Choose a plan to suit your needs!

Simple yet powerful solution

to turn your website into an active online showroom

Personalised scripting

We customize the scripting on your account to match your brands’ tone of voice. Our team can assist your website visitors by answering frequently asked questions, promoting your latest special offers, and ensuring we deliver outstanding customer service!

Facebook Messenger Integration

Our services integrates seamlessly with Facebook Messenger, allowing our team to capture leads 24/7 from Messenger on your Brand page, Marketplace Inventory, and allows instant lead capture from your Dynamic Ad campaigns.

CRM integration

Drive Chat offers integration with your CRM or DMS to import leads so you can quickly and easily follow up with leads. We integrate with all major automotive lead management programs, including Autogate Pro, Sales Highway, e-goodmanners, Salesforce, and more!

Customisable look & feel

We can customize the chat window design to suit your website and brand guidelines. This includes matching brand colours as well as adjusting the size and shape of the chat window and chat buttons to suit your website aesthetics.

A cloud-based chat portal

No software installation required! If you decide to have your own staff chat they can log in from any computer or device to our convenient cloud-based chat portal. This provides flexibility and convenience where it's needed most.

24/7 Customer Service

Your website never sleeps, and neither do we! Our team of lead generation experts is always online and ready to capture leads for you. On average, around 50% of the leads we capture are outside of business hours.

Client Showcase

We send thousands of leads to dealerships every day!

More than 1,000 car dealerships use Drive Chat. See what some of them have to say:

We’ve been using DriveChat for the last 12 months, the results have been amazing! We consistently receive around 100 high quality sales leads per month and our return on investment is well over 100%.

Geoff, Dealer Principal Mazda Dealership, VIC

I would recommend it.  The incremental leads we have received over the last 18 months have made a big difference to the amount of cars we are able to sell, especially in a tough market where it’s important grab every opportunity.

Lee Milhench John Hughes, WA

Drive Chat is your 24/7 online customer service team

Great Customer Service. Increased Sales. Reduce Costs.

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