About Drive Chat

100% Australian owned company

DriveChat is the only Australian-owned live chat

Service provider for the automotive industry.

Not all live chat providers are the same. DriveChat was built from the ground up to be fully tailored to suit the Australian Automotive Industry. We understand our local market and our pricing, service offering, and scripting is customised to suit our market – And the results speak for themselves!
DriveChat caters exclusively to the Australian and New Zealand automotive industries. We launched in 2014 and we already serve more than 500 car dealerships and several large vehicle manufacturers in the region.
Drive Chat Global

Backed by industry-leading technology

#1 Automotive live chat company in Australia and New Zealand

Powering Drive Chat is the same technology behind LiveChatMonitoring.com – our sister company that serves the global market for live chat software and managed live chat services. We’re constantly updating and improving our software, adding new value-added Features for all of our subscribers. Founded in 2012, LiveChatMonitoring.com has become a market leader for providing high quality live chat leads and online customer service.
Our live chat software is fully responsive, which means that it’s been designed to look great on any device. And from the very beginning, we’ve put our focus on building a completely customisable solution for Automotive websites. Other live chat providers give you standard responses and designs that feel impersonal. We understand that good customer service has to be consistent and authentic.
Drive Chat and Live Chat Monitoring

Why do dealerships need live chat?

Hint: To capture more leads and sell more vehicles!

While managing a media buying agency, our Founder, Gavin Sloan, learned that his clients could increase their online lead generation by an average of 30% just by adding live chat functionality to their websites. The reason for this is simple: Customers want feedback from a real person who they can trust. And they need easy and quick access to information that may not be immediately accessible. live chat software delivers all of the above. But most live chat providers just provide the software, leaving you on your own to respond to website visitors. With the persistent pressure of sales targets to hit, dealership employees rarely have the time to monitor websites in real-time. What’s more, it’s usually impossible for any dealership to monitor their own website 24/7.
That’s where Drive Chat comes in. We’ll manage your live chat conversions beyond regular business hours (and during regular business hours too, if you want) so you’ll never miss another opportunity to convert a website visitor in to a new lead or enquiry!
Drive Chat can significantly increase the ROI of your advertising dollars spent on sending people to your website!

Drive Chat solves an important problem for car dealerships.

Car buying habits are changing. Instead of visiting multiple dealerships, customers are doing the majority of their research online. In fact, auto industry experts predict that by 2020, more than 80% of car sales leads will be generated online.
Car dealerships need to adapt to this changing reality. Our goal is to give you the right tools to turn your web traffic into paying customers.
Drive Chat’s easy-to-use live chat software simplifies the online engagement process, creating a direct and personal connection between your website and your physical dealership.
Drive Chat benefits

Stop letting potential leads slip by.

Get the benefit of leading-edge live chat technology and in-depth automotive dealer industry know-how. Visit our Plans and Pricing page to find the right fit for your dealership.